OSHP Scholarship Program

The OSHP Scholarship award was established to promote personal and professional development and to celebrate the contributions and achievements of student pharmacists. Through the award, students are recognized for their outstanding leadership abilities, community service and outstanding accomplishments.

OSHP solicits applications for the OSHP Scholarship each spring. Scholarships are offered to students who are currently enrolled in a pharmacy degree program and are either a Pharmacy Student Society member (which includes OSHP) or an OSHP member. Only students who will be full-time pharmacy students during the next academic year are eligible. Each year, several $1,500 scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance, health care-related work experience, involvement in leadership activities, and community service.

The deadline to submit a student scholarship application is March 11th, 2022.

Click here to access the 2022 Student Scholarship Application.

To submit a scholarship application please include the following:

Curriculum Vitae:
Please attach a CV which highlights the following areas:

    • List all College, University, or Residency programs attended in reverse chronological order (e.g., most recent first)
    • List the number of hours per week you work and duties.
    • List all memberships and services.
    • Indicate all major activities and office(s) held.
    • List events lead/organized separate from volunteered at.
    • If office(s) held, please indicate which office(s) and date(s).
    • List description of award/honor when needed.
    • List where presentations took place.

Provide copies of transcripts for professional coursework.  If first year student, copies of all college coursework should be submitted. (official copies are not required)

A brief letter, not to exceed two pages, should be submitted with the other application materials.  The following points should be discussed or highlighted:

  1. Professional and education goals, and how they related to the mission/vision of OSHP
  2. Pertinent academic, professional and community service or experience, which has or is helping the applicant achieve career objectives.
  3. Any other information or comments which the applicant feels will aid the committee in the selection process, excluding information regarding personal finances or financial status.

Two (2) recommendation forms are required.  In addition, accompanying letters of reference may be attached.  References from practicing pharmacy professionals are preferred; however, one reference may be obtained from a college professor if desired.  Persons selected as references should forward completed reference forms and letters of recommendation to the Scholarship Coordinator.

Click here to access the 2022 Letters of Recommendation Form.

2021 OSHP Scholarship Recipients

Kylie Collom
Pacific University
Graduation: May 2022
A couple of my hobbies include fishing and golfing. I played college golf during my undergrad!

Isabella Daher
Oregon State University
Graduation: June 2022
I am so grateful to be a recipient of the 2021 OSHP scholarship. As I begin my 4th year APPE rotations, I am excited to explore hospital and ambulatory care pharmacy in the hopes that I will find my niche in the profession. In my free time I enjoy reading, exercising, and going to the beach!

Jessica Hodgen
Oregon State University
Graduation: June 2022
I'm a rising fourth-year student in the dual Pharm.D./MBA program at Oregon State University/Oregon Health & Science University. I work as a clinical pharmacy intern at Community Health Centers of Lane County and as a community pharmacy intern at Safeway. My pharmacy career interests include ambulatory care, oncology, and academia, and I aspire to pursue a PGY1 residency program after graduation to continue developing clinical knowledge and skills while further exploring these interests.

Elizabeth Mann
Oregon State University
Graduation: June 2022
I am beginning my fourth year at OSU/OHSU College of Pharmacy. In school, I take a passionate interest in immunology, transplant, and autoimmune diseases. Outside of school, you will almost always find me on the golf course, rain or shine!

Alexis Proteau
Oregon State University
Graduation: June 2022
I am very grateful to be chosen for the OSHP scholarship, which will support me as I begin my 4th year rotations. I am excited for my APPE rotations so I can determine which area of pharmacy I am able to provide the best patient care. Outside of pharmacy I enjoy doing yoga, hiking, and camping.

Monica Rogoz
Oregon State University
Graduation: June 2022
I'm both humbled and honored to be a recipient of an OSHP scholarship! I'm currently pursuing an MBA in addition to my PharmD at Oregon State University and upon graduation I hope to pursue a PGY1/PGY2 residency in Health System Pharmacy Administration or Ambulatory Care. In addition to my passion for pharmacy, I was a student athlete on the dance team in college and danced on the Oregon State Dance Team during my P1 year. Go beavs! 

Arika Sandbach
Pacific University
Graduation: May 2022
I am starting my final year of pharmacy school at Pacific University. My pharmacy-related passions include research, teaching, and leadership, which are centered around my ultimate goal of advancing the profession of pharmacy. Outside of pharmacy and academia, I enjoy spending time hiking, camping, and going on walks!

Evita Santos
Oregon State University
Graduation: June 2023
Throughout pharmacy school, I've been finding myself becoming more inclined to pursue a career in ambulatory care. I've met amazing mentors and professors who have allowed me to explore this realm of pharmacy. Outside of school, however, I love to cook, hike, and try new restaurants in Portland!

Sydney Wardan
Oregon State University
Graduation: June 2023
I am a second-year student in the OSU/OHSU PharmD & MBA program, and I currently work in managed care as a pharmacy intern. My passions in pharmacy include population health and health system administration. In my free time I like to choose between baking a dessert if it's raining outside, or taking my dog on long hikes when it's sunny!

Michelle Zhou
Oregon State University
Graduation: June 2023
As I am finishing my second year, I am looking forward to starting my APPEs and exploring more in the field of infectious diseases pharmacy! Outside of pharmacy, I enjoy taking dance classes and starting graphic design projects. One of my favorite pastimes when I move to a new city is systematically trying and rating their coffee shops.


2020 OSHP Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2020 OSHP Scholarship Winners!

Megan Alhadeff
Oregon State University

Alexia Beard
Pacific University

Justin Donat
Oregon State University

Trang Duc
Oregon State University

Ryan Ferris
Oregon State University

Tessa Gourley
Oregon State University

Alexi Ismail
Oregon State University

Neda Kazerouni
Oregon State University

Ngoc (Jason) Nguyen
Pacific University

Paige Ruffier
Pacific University


2019 OSHP Scholarship Recipients

  • Ashlee Hubsky
  • Tyler Lantz
  • Skyler Suchovsky
  • Erin Wu
  • Heather Nielsen
  • Alvin Leung
  • Cassandra Vielma
  • Margaret Underwood
  • Rachel Proteau

2018 OSHP Scholarship Recipients

  • Huy Henry Le
  • In Young Ku
  • Chitra Kanchagar
  • Katherine Janssen
  • Kelli Kronsberg
  • Kevin Christy
  • Saleh Batroukh
  • Rebecca Kimmel
  • Kayla Polman
  • Emily Weissgerber

2017 Scholarship Recipients

  • Ana Maria Bienvenida
  • Emily Hull
  • Kallie Waldrip
  • Kenneth Garcia
  • Yan Zhuo
  • Cynthia Wong
  • Katie LaRue
  • Yan Liu
  • Michael Liebman
  • Kayleigh Whelchel

OSHP Scholarship Recipients with Deanna Moretz (OSHP 2015 President) taken at the 2015 OSU College of Pharmacy Benefactors Reception held October 13, 2015. 


Pacific University
Graduation: May 2022
A couple of my hobbies include fishing and golfing. I played college golf during my undergrad!