Making the Most of Your Membership - Getting Involved

OSHP can provide leadership, education, and services; but there is a greater influence in numbers.  The Society needs your ideas and energy for the growth and development of our profession.  Together we will advance our professional practice. Together we can make things happen . . .

There are many opportunities to join fellow members in council work.  Three main councils carry out the goals of the Society for each year; these are the Educational Affairs Council (EAC), the Membership Council (formerly OAC), and the Professional Relations Council (PAC).  Read on for more information about each council. If you think you would like to participate, please send a message to [email protected] and you will be connected with the Council Chair who can tell you more about specific activities and will invite you to the next meeting.

Educational Affairs Council

The EAC governs the educational and training activities of OSHP, including the educational component of the OSHP seminars and chapter meetings.  The EAC is active in assuring the quality of continuing education offered by OSHP, including ACPE accredited CE, and seeks to provide CE which satisfies members’ legal and professional requirements.  The EAC undertakes additionally special projects as needed by the Board of Directors and administers the OSHP student scholarship program.

Membership Council

The Membership Council (formerly OAC) supervises current member services and explores the development of new services.  Biannual updating of OSHP’s bylaws and creating ideas to grow and maintain the organization’s membership are two important responsibilities of the Membership Council.  These goals are accomplished through the provision of OSHP Policy Manual updates, OSHP member surveys to determine what is important to our members, membership drives, and periodic review of the OSHP Mission Statement.

Professional Relations Council

Through involvement in the Professional Relations Council, OSHP members are exposed to a variety of pharmacy matters, including the development and improvement of the professional practice of pharmacy in hospitals and related institutions, the development of standards, guides and related materials, and cooperation with allied organizations and agencies.  With its subcommittees of Newsletter and Legal & Regulatory Affairs, PRC extends is responsibilities to include public outreach and support, improving communication within the Society and between its partners, and reviewing and interpreting proposed legislation and current law changes that affect public health and pharmacy practice.

Other Opportunities

Members who like planning events might be interested in participating on the Annual Seminar Committee. This EAC subcommittee organizes and oversees the Society’s largest event of the year, the Annual Seminar. It is held over the course of a weekend in the spring.  Committee members start planning the event in September.  They arrange all aspects of the seminar including the location, speakers, and entertainment.

Students and technicians, besides being able to participate in Council and committee work, are also organized into their own independent Chapters within OSHP.  These chapters come together to address educational or other issues specific to their needs within the organization.  Please see their specific web pages via the links below.

Northern Chapter
Southern Chapter
Student Chapters
Technician Chapter