Learn more about OSHP LRAC Chair, Mike Millard

Title: Professor Emeritus
Institution: Pacific University
Specialty: Administrative Sciences

What are some unique opportunities you have had throughout your career? 
  • I have had the opportunity to do many things and different roles in the practice of pharmacy. One of the things I love about pharmacy is the different facets and activities that you can pursue with your practice.
  • I have worked as a clinical pharmacist in large and small hospitals, delivering care directly to individual patients.
  • I have worked in community pharmacy as a staff pharmacist, temporary locum pharmacist, and community pharmacy owner. I have also owned and operated a drug wholesale operation and specialty pharmacy.
  • I have lead groups of dedicated technicians and pharmacists in large and small hospitals in multi-hospital groups.
  • I have been a director at Kaiser, Legacy, OHSU and some hospitals that no longer exist.
  • I have served on large purchasing group pharmacy advisory committees, national advisory boards to distributors, and lobbied for many legislative and regulatory mandates at the state and federal level.
  • And I have had the privilege of teaching PharmD students and being on the faculty of Pacific University, where I served as Asst Dean for Clinical Services for 2 years.
  • I retired in Jan 2020 and was granted Professor Emeritus status at Pacific University.

Professional Journey (How you got there/why did you have an interest in your current practice site)
My interest in management stemmed from the need to provide an organized and supportive workplace for pharmacists and technicians to perform their critical clinical work.  The provision of drug products and appropriate services to institutions and systems is a complex and challenging task.  I was interested in designing and implementing systems that would benefit the patients in the systems I worked in to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs to the patients and society. I enjoy working with people and forging positive working relationships. 

Advanced Training
I have a Master’s Degree in Hospital Pharmacy Management from Oregon State University

Other Professional Activities
Past President of OSHP; Seminar Chair, and Chair of the Legal and Regulatory Committee. I was Pharmacist of the year; and have received several OSHP BOD recognition awards. I have served on the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Advisory Council for 8 years, since the inception of the program.

What made you take an interest in OSHP?
I have been a member of OSHP for almost 50 years.  I became interested in OSHP right out of school as I was involved during my graduate school studies. I found the community of hospital pharmacists to be welcoming and as a new practitioner, it was useful to hear and discuss the issues of the day. I have made many friends in OSHP, and my professional career has been made easier and more fulfilling because of the relationships created at OSHP.

Fun Fact About Yourself
I am a sailor and sail-boat racing enthusiast, and have owned a sailboat named “Shadowfax”.  You can also detect I am a Lord of the Rings fan, as I lived on Rivendell Drive for many years.

Inspirational Quotes

  • It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. –Wm Watkinson
  • Speed is fine, but accuracy is everything –Wyatt Earp

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